JOHN CHIMON PHOTOGRAPHY specializes in getting your next listing shot and processed quickly and affordably, with a quality that makes every image stand out.

With over 5 years professional experience, JOHN CHIMON PHOTOGRAPHY brings the creative and technical expertise you can trust to market your next listing.

As a Professional, I understand the importance of treating your clients and their property with the highest degree of attention and respect. I represent not only my reputation but also that of your client’s confidence in our ability to sell their home.

Why does good photography matter?

Many high-end home sellers and renters spend a significant amount of money on remodeling and staging their property before putting it up for sale or rent to attract potential home buyers / renters and to get the highest price possible.  However, a significant percentage of properties do not reach their full selling potential due to lack luster photos taken by non-professionals.

High impact real estate photos play an important role in catching the eye of discerning home buyers / renters and increase interest while maximizing return on investment. According to research from the National Association of Realtors in 2011, more than 88% of the country uses the Internet to search for homes, and users ranked photos as the most important part of their search. The quality of the images is the most important determining factor second only to home buying criteria such as price range, square footage and the number of bedroom and bathrooms.